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It's designed to help you improve your accent while still having fun. With its engaging and challenging activities, it will be impossible for you to put your phone down. When practicing with the application, you can earn points by correctly pronouncing a series of English words and sentences. By using short and effective lessons, the Ütz program is able to help users like you develop a more neutral accent.

Ütz Mission

Use innovative means to perfect everyone's accent.

Ütz Vision

Be a brand of technological advancement that facilitates communication between people of different cultures.

Ütz Community

Provide a space where users can share their experiences and receive feedback.

The accent

When you learn a new language it's important to also learn the native language.

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We are happy to help people improve their lifestyle with a native accent.

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The Ütz app is the perfect program designed to modify your accent. If you have any questions, please write us and we will be more than happy to assit you.


1350 E Main St. Unit B, Lehi, UT 84043

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+01 877-710-6031

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